The City and the Ghost from the Berlin Wall to the New Walls.

Dienstag 11.2.20, 20uhr

The City and the Ghost.
From the BerlinWall to the New Walls
Based on historical research,La città e il fantasma (The City and the
Ghost from the Berlin Wall to the NewWalls) focuses on the process
leading to the construction and the fall ofthe Berlin Wall, but it
also extends the analysis to the proliferation of walls– from
Jerusalem to Kobane and Baghdad – between1989 and 2019. In order to
bridge the gap between 1989 and the present, Grassoturns to the recent
past, and particularly to the uprisings that punctuated the history of
Eastern Europe (Berlin 1953, Budapest 1956, Prague 1968, Gdansk1981),
which he understands as the events that paved the way to the Wende and
to major cultural changes.

Davide Grasso is an independent writer and reporter. He has lived in
Europe, America and the MiddleEast where he has supported the
Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava) since
2015. In the aftermath of the Bataclan massacre,he joined the YGP
international brigades to fight ISIS. Grasso has published articles on
art, politics and society, as well as four books: New York Regina
Underground. Racconti dallaGrande Mela, Stilo Editrice, 2013; Hevalen.
Perché sono andato a combattere l‘Isisin Siria, Alegre edizioni, 2017;
Il fiore del deserto. La rivoluzione delle donne e delle comuni tra
l‘Iraq e la Siria del nord, Agenzia X, 2018and La città e il fantasma.
Dal muro di Berlino ai nuovi muri, Castelvecchi,2019.

The event will be in English and the book is in Italian.