Filmscreening: Nana dijo – Nana said: A documentary on coloniality, blackness and the myths of latino identity

Donnerstag // 25.02 // 20h

Dir.: Bocafloja & Cambiowashere
English & Spanish w/Subtitles in both languages.
Quilomboarte / Sociedad Cimarrona, 2015.
Topics: African Diaspora, Afro-latino studies, Hip Hop , Critical Pedagogy, Decolonial Studies.

BOCAFLOJA will be there this night and is open for questions and discussion.

Nana Said is an urgent historical registry in the form of a documentary, filmed in Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Argentina and the United States, which opens a crucial platform of analysis about race relations by transgressing beyond the parameters of „safe discourses“ imposed by culturalist agendas.