Film und Diskussion: Ditching the Fear – The Movement of Logistics Workers‘ in Italy

Dienstag // 14.07. // 20.00

Italy/Germany 2015, 80 min, italian with english subtitles

„We do not believe in the streets“ is the popular credo of workers and leftists that joined some years ago in Italy. „If we want to change something, we have to build up pressure – we have to blockade where it hurts instead of rallying city centers.“

And since then, unusual things have been happening: On the one hand, companies, the political class and the media are using the onset of the crisis to further undermine workers‘ rights, which, up until now, had already been crushed. On the other side, a lively and strong resistance has been forming at the bottom end of the wage scale. Of all people, it is the precarious and largely migrant workers in the logistics sector who have, through solidarity and effective organising, been successful in overcoming their isolation and degrading working conditions--a struggle that hasn‘t just changed their working conditions but has changed their whole lives.


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